Recording services​



​​8 Tracks /3 hours for just $99!!!


Regular price $195

Includes a PA and all Mics, Guitar Amps, Drum kit minus snare and cymbals, with a 800 watt system and 3 speakers. 

         One Hour LIVE Session is Recorded!

One hour mastering

One hour Mixing



There are no punch ins. We set levels once and the session is recorded straight through. No stopping.  No  mixing or playback. This is a raw live DEMO recording. Session starts when it is booked. We record you for one hour live and then mix for one hour. Cd is mastered for one hour and then mailed. Tracks may be remastered in our Pro Studio at an additional fee. Absolutely No guests. Artists only. No food.


Additional Pro Mastering and Mix is Extra in our state of the art studio at $40per hour. Pro Tools is used for all pro sessions.


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